Do you know that you can insure your jewellery?

It is never too late to get your expensive fine jewellery insured. Before you go to an insurance company get all your pieces of jewellery inspected and valued by an independent third party appraiser. Most home owner’s or renter’s insurance would cover a certain amount of jewelry in case of loss, theft and damage. If the value of the jewellery is less than your coverage, you need to top up your policy. You can either choose to add the additional value of the jewellery into your existing policy or get a separate insurance rider. You can also get you insurance agent to advize you on a comprehensive policy that covers your entire collection; even when you are traveling or in case of any damage.

In order to arrive at an informed decision make sure you get policies from various companies and compare them. Don’t forget to verify the credibility of each of the companies and select a policy that is flexible and offers you maximum coverage.