Hallmarks of a good diamond

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Diamonds are classified on the basis of the 4C’s. These four traits are found in all diamonds and it single handedly determines the quality and price of a diamond. The 4C’s represent the Clarity, Color, Carat and Cut of a diamond. A diamond is certified, which is also known as the fifth C, on the basis of the combined value of the 4C’s.

The clarity of a diamond refers to the amount of imperfections, haziness and brilliance it has. As the flaws become more apparent the clarity of the diamond decreases and so does its value. The color of a diamond ranges from white to warm yellow. However it is the colorless stones that are most sought after. The lack of color allows for the maximum refraction of light which in turn makes the diamond sparkle.

The carat of a diamond refers to its weight. Large diamonds are rarer than the smaller variety and therefore more expensive. The cute indicates the manner in which the diamond is chiseled in order to enhance its brightness. Most diamonds normally come with an emerald cut or the princess cut.

There is one more C that guarantees the purity of a diamond and it is called the Certificate.


Is it safe to buy jewelry online?

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When it comes to offering deep discounts and deals web stores beat their physical counterparts hands down. Today, with increased security and safe payment methods, the internet has transformed into the hottest shopping destination. But should you still risk buying jewelry online?

For any pleasant shopping experience, in the real or the virtual world, you need to select a vendor who is reliable, reputable and trustworthy. Before you spend your money on an unfamiliar website you need to verify their credentials, check their policy of terms and conditions, find out what payment options they offer and most importantly check if they have any contact details.

Most jewelry websites are owned by established jewelers who also have physical stores. Both walk in and internet customers are treated with the same level of professionalism and care. Many websites encrypt your personal details and payment information such as credit card rendering it indecipherable to hackers. These sites also provide insured shipping facilities at no additional cost so that you can rest assured that your jewelry reaches you safe and sound.

With a little bit of safety precautions you are bound to have an enjoyable online jewelry shopping experience.

How to pick an engagement ring?

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Buying an engagement ring is an exciting experience but most people have a hard time trying to pick one. But with a little bit of homework selecting an engagement ring can be as easy as pie.

First and foremost, you need to settle on a budget. This step makes it easier for you to shortlist the range that you need to scour. There is no use in being over-ambitious, therefore be realistic and set a budget that would not require you to empty your savings account.

If you do not know the size of your partner’s fingers, then now is the time to find out. Buying a ring that does not fit will ruin the moment for both you and your loved one. So it is better that you find out your partner’s ring size sooner than later.

Buying a gold ring is traditional but if you are brave to experiment then you can go with platinum or a white gold band. If you are on a tight budget then platinum is the cheapest option amongst the three.

While selecting the design, shape and style be mindful of your partner’s personality. Do not forget that you are buying a ring for her and therefore her sensibilities should supersede yours.

Men’s Jewelry

Men who wear jewelry are often construed to be effeminate or over the top. This perception is misplaced and to a great extent baseless. If you look back at our history, men across many ancient civilizations adorned themselves with ear rings, pendant, necklaces, bracelets and various other pieces of jewelry.

Men’s jewelry has evolved over time and today it is designed more for its practical uses than its aesthetic appeal. Many choose to wear crystal cuff links to keep their sleeves in place or gold plated tie pins or money clips for similar reasons.

Today, as more and more people look like cookie cutter versions of each other, wearing jewelry is becoming a way to express your individuality. Since clothes and other accessories barely highlight a man’s personality, men depend on their jewelry, be it rings or bracelets, to portray their unique sense of style.

Though cultures react differently to the way men wear jewelry they are slowly accepting this new trend. The new age Men’s jewelry industry is developing into a dynamic space where design meets purpose, offering the modern man a chance to bring his creative, artistic and unique personality to the forefront.

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Do you know that you can insure your jewellery?

It is never too late to get your expensive fine jewellery insured. Before you go to an insurance company get all your pieces of jewellery inspected and valued by an independent third party appraiser. Most home owner’s or renter’s insurance would cover a certain amount of jewelry in case of loss, theft and damage. If the value of the jewellery is less than your coverage, you need to top up your policy. You can either choose to add the additional value of the jewellery into your existing policy or get a separate insurance rider. You can also get you insurance agent to advize you on a comprehensive policy that covers your entire collection; even when you are traveling or in case of any damage.

In order to arrive at an informed decision make sure you get policies from various companies and compare them. Don’t forget to verify the credibility of each of the companies and select a policy that is flexible and offers you maximum coverage.