Canadian Diamonds Unique And Beautiful

When you buy diamonds in a jewelers you probably know very little about them. Although it is illegal to buy and sell blood diamonds with smaller diamonds especially diamonds do enter circulation that are blood diamonds. These diamonds are from war zones, often where civil wars are raging and the extraction and sale of diamonds funds the war or other abuses of citizens.

It is partly for this reason that Canadian diamonds have a system where all Canadian diamonds come with documentation to prove where they originated. The value of Canadian diamonds though isn’t just that they are not conflict diamonds: Canadian diamonds are some of the best and most unique in the world. Canadian diamonds are mined in the north of the country in remote and hard to reach areas, for this reason they are often known as ice diamonds and their clarity and pure color backs up the description.

Canadian diamonds as well as peace of mind when you own them are also much easier to sell on as you can prove where they are from and this can increase their value: especially in Canada. In Canada and with Canadian Expats around the world owning a Canadian Diamond is like having a little piece of your country with you all of the time.

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