Men’s Jewelry

Men who wear jewelry are often construed to be effeminate or over the top. This perception is misplaced and to a great extent baseless. If you look back at our history, men across many ancient civilizations adorned themselves with ear rings, pendant, necklaces, bracelets and various other pieces of jewelry.

Men’s jewelry has evolved over time and today it is designed more for its practical uses than its aesthetic appeal. Many choose to wear crystal cuff links to keep their sleeves in place or gold plated tie pins or money clips for similar reasons.

Today, as more and more people look like cookie cutter versions of each other, wearing jewelry is becoming a way to express your individuality. Since clothes and other accessories barely highlight a man’s personality, men depend on their jewelry, be it rings or bracelets, to portray their unique sense of style.

Though cultures react differently to the way men wear jewelry they are slowly accepting this new trend. The new age Men’s jewelry industry is developing into a dynamic space where design meets purpose, offering the modern man a chance to bring his creative, artistic and unique personality to the forefront.

by Editor

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